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The most delicious milk and chocolate milk ever! Such a great morning treat on cereal, and I have never made such wonderful hot chocolate. Whether I'm putting a bit on hot apple pie, or using it instead of phancy flavored creamer in my coffee, I love being able to enjoy it every day. A couple of weeks ago we ran out, and had to go buy a gallon of "regular" 2% at the store...both of my daughters said "Yuck! What's wrong with this milk?" Lol, we are spoiled!! The milk must be delivered by Ninjas, because even my stealthy Border Collie never hears them, and we are always watching and waiting for our chocolate milk fix on Tuesday!

Jojo Skanes

The real deal. I drive to get this milk every week.

Terry Durrett

I had to up my weekly order so I would have enough to make yogurt. My husband consumed nearly all three of the bottles from our first order. We normally buy organic milk but even that gave him some allergic reactions, he has had no problems with this milk!

Kristi Dean Heusser

This milk is so delicious. I had always wanted milk delivered to me just like in movies. So nice having eggs and milk and not have to go to the store. Best part us the glass jars are reusable! Great product, frendly people and good price. Thank you so much

Jessica Moran

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